Yue Inuoka- Sán là thành viên Team 4II


Nagoya to Akihabara, I like Yuko Oshima and Airi Furukawa. Team 4II, Okami desu


Nickname: Sán, Sói, Okami...

Bloodtype: O or B?

Current Age: 15

Height: 1m53

Favorite Food: Omlette

Favorite Artist: None

Favorite TV Shows: AKBingo!

Favorite Magazine: Which have 48G

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite AKB48 Single: Heavy Rotation, Utsukushii Inazuma

Favorite AKB48 Stage Song: Manazashi Sayonara, Nakigara Hohoende

Favorite AKB48 Outfit: Skura no Hanabiratachi, Kataomoi Finally

Like: 48G :v

Special Talent: Fiction

Charming Points: Maybe?

Pets: None

Oshimen in 48G: #1 Oshima Yuko, #2 Furukawa Airi

Oshimen in VNH48: Don't know =))

Close with Gari Chin (Wife), Toshiro Kiyoshi (Troll friend) 

Hate: Buy Single 35 and pick out "Someone" 's bonus

In a good relationship with Gari Chin

VNH48 Senbatsu ElectionEdit

1st: Senbatsu Election: Not Participating


Joined VNH48 as Team 4II Gen 2

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