Sakashii Haru- Haru hiện đang là thành viên Team 4II


Nothing Impossible.

(Không điều gì là không thể)


Nickname: Haru

Bloodtype: No Information

Current Age: 18

Height: 1m58

Favorite Food: Banh trang rolls Grilled Fish :3

Favorite Artist: Aragaki Yui, Huyền Chi, Thuỳ Chi

Favorite TV Shows: Soccer, Next Top Model

Favorite Magazine: None

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite AKB48 Single: Sakura no Ki ni Narou

Favorite AKB48 Stage Song: Sakura no Ki ni Narou, River, Beginner, Sakura no Hanabiratachi, Party,...

Favorite AKB48 Outfit: River, Iiwake Maybe, Manatsu no Sounds Good, Heavy Rotation, KFC,... 

Like: Whatever interesting

Special Talent: Haven't Known

Charming Points: =.=!

Pets: Don't like animals

Oshimen in 48G: Minegishi Minami

Oshimen in VNH48: None

Close with Sakurako Rinka, Jitarin Le, Den x Queen

Hate: Many things...

VNH48 Senbatsu ElectionEdit

1st: Senbatsu Election: Not Participating.


Joined VNH48 as Team V/ Gen1 => Team 4II

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