Nguyen Phuoc Quynh Thu- Gấu là member Team 4II


I want to be good at taking care of everyone just like my Oshimen Takamina, Team 4II, Gấu desu :3


Nickname: Gấu

Bloodtype: No Information

Current Age: 16

Height: No Information

Favorite Food: Beef.

Favorite Artist: Rev. from DVL

Favorite TV Shows: AKBingo!

Favorite Magazine: None

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite AKB48 Single: Sakura no Hanabiratachi

Favorite AKB48 Stage: Pioneer

Favorite AKB48 Outfit: No Information

Like: Sport, Eat, Sleep, Guitar

Special Talent: None

Charming Points: No Information

Pets: None

Oshimen in 48G: Takahashi Minami <3

Oshimen in VNH48: ACE

Close with Rimio Aji, Dền, ACE, Sou...v...v...

Hate: None

VNH48 Senbatsu ElectionEdit

1st: Senbatsu Election: Not Participating


Joined VNH48 as Gen1

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